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Scent Association: Neuroscience + Natural Perfumery
7:00 PM19:00

Scent Association: Neuroscience + Natural Perfumery

Ever wonder why a certain scent can bring you back to a high school memory? 

Olfaction is not only the very first sense activated when we're born, but it's also our strongest human sense. Get ready to learn the science of scent with Columbia University Neuroscientist Leigh Winters at Batch SF. Leigh's clinical background coupled with her certification as an aromatherapist and expertise in natural product and scent formulation will create an evening that includes:

  • Basic neuroscience lesson on how scent affects your brain, emotions, and behaviors
  • Tips on how to pick the right scent for you
  • Hands on DIY workshop to create your own perfume from natural ingredients

Sip, sniff, and snack in style at Batch SF, bring a girlfriend or two!

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AphrodisiHacks (San Francisco)
7:00 PM19:00

AphrodisiHacks (San Francisco)

Join the Bay Area Wellness Collective for a fun and informative evening about biohacking your way to better hormonal and sexual health. Three wellness experts will be sharing how aromatics, nutrition, and reproductive health education can be used to boost partner and self intimacy, as well as endocrine and gut health. This panel will explore the following themes:

  • How sexual function and regulation of reproductive activity is mediated by the nervous and endocrine systems and how olfaction and essential oils relate to these processes.


  • How tapping into nutrition is vital for sexual health—including what foods, herbs, and adaptogens can boost libido.


  • How fertility awareness is key to creating body literacy around the menstrual cycle and hormone regulation and fostering communication between partners.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, this workshop is for you. If you’re intentional about wanting to cultivate greater love and compassion within yourself and with others,  you don’t want to miss this! You will also have the chance to shop local vendors who are committed to celebrating love and promoting wellness.

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Essential Oils 101 @ The Detox Market (Los Angeles)
12:00 PM12:00

Essential Oils 101 @ The Detox Market (Los Angeles)

Join us Saturday, January 20th as we welcome Aromatherapist & Holistic Wellness Expert Leigh Winters for Essential Oils 101.

What: The Detox Market welcomes Aromatherapist & Holistic Wellness Expert Leigh Winters for Essential Oils 101. Sit down for a 30-minute private consultation on wellness and lessons in essential oils.

When: Saturday, January 20th | 12-4pm

Where: 8380 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048

A Gift For You: Receive a FREE TDM Gift Bag with some of Leah's favorites and enjoy 10% off your entire purchase!*

Limited spots available, RSVP to guarantee yours!

*Valid only in-store, during the day of the event.

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Essential Oils, Meditation, + Mimosas (Hoboken, NJ)
1:00 PM13:00

Essential Oils, Meditation, + Mimosas (Hoboken, NJ)

Curious about essential oils? Looking to get jump-start a meditation practice? Join neuroscientist and aromatherapist Leigh Winters of Wise+Well and Erin Doppelt, renowned international meditation teacher, for an afternoon workshop teaching you all about aromatherapy and meditation. After the session, stay and mingle with like-minded souls and enjoy a mimosa or two! 

You will be guided in an Active Meditation for a deep inner check-in to self and compulsive thought patterns. This is a beginners level workshop to encourage the daily practice of meditation for inner peace. You will also learn about 5 essential oils and take home your own hand-crafted remedy of choice. 

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EcoSessions: Sustainable & Holistic Strategies for Sleep (NYC)
7:00 PM19:00

EcoSessions: Sustainable & Holistic Strategies for Sleep (NYC)

EcoSessions : Sustainable & Holistic Strategies for Sleep

June 8, 2017

7:00 - 9:00 pm (EST)

Are you getting enough sleep? In 2013, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention called insufficient sleep a major public health problem, noting that nearly 30% of adults get less than six hours of sleep a night. And a national survey by the Better Sleep Council found that a solid majority of us (61%) crave sleep more than sex. External factors, such as what we eat and drink, the medications we take, and the environment in which we sleep can also greatly affect the quantity and quality of our sleep. This EcoSessions aims to tackle our sleepless epidemic with strategies and ideas towards a sweet [sustainable] sleep. Featuring Summer Rayne Oakes, Leigh Winters, Erin Galvin and more.


Summer Rayne Oakes, an environmental scientist and entomologist by training, Summer Rayne moved to New York City to design and work on creative solutions to some of the world's toughest environmental challenges. She co-founded Source4Style (now Le Souk), an award-winning marketplace to connect designers to sustainable material suppliers around the world and wrote best-selling book, Style, NaturallyThree years ago, she expanded her focus and has been working on helping people eat better through more sustainable food systems. In 2014, she launched, to help people cleanse themselves from sugar and published a cookbook and guide on the topic with Sterling Publishing in March 2017. Most recently she has made the news for her very, very green home (she lives with 500 plants in her Brooklyn apartment). Follow along at Instagram and

Leigh Winters is a neuroscientist and natural beauty expert. She’s currently an instructor at Columbia Business School's Venture for All program teaching entrepreneurship around the globe. At Columbia University, she also co-teaches a wildly popular online graduate course that blends venture creation and spiritual psychology— the first of its kind. Previously, Leigh served as a fellow at Columbia University’s Spirituality Mind Body Institute, where she clinically researched contemplative practices, like yoga and mindfulness meditation, and biobehavioral health. Leigh is a sought after certified aromatherapist and teacher of meditation, aromatic plant medicine, and all-natural beauty formulation. Leigh regularly writes about and hosts workshops on the brain, behavior, and plant medicine.  

Erin Galvin, Owner at Erin Galvin Nutrition & Natural Health, a Nutrition Consultant and Herbalist based in Brooklyn, Erin began her journey to natural health as a way to manage and treat her allergies, PCOS, PMS, IBS, as well as fatigue and anxiety. When at a crossroads in her corporate accounting and finance career, Erin decided to trade in 12 hour days and reporting deadlines to pursue a career in natural health. Erin initially trained at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NY. She continued her studies to broaden her understanding of nutrition, functional medicine, and herbal medicine. She earned diplomas in Nutritional Therapy and Herbal Medicine from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London, UK. Erin has worked as a nutrition educator for a farm located outside of London, teaching kids about healthy food and organic farming. She was a lecture at the College of Naturopathic Medicine and the lead nutritionist at a start-up nutritional supplement company.


Kate Black, Founder of Magnifeco (and EcoSessions).Recognized as an expert in ethical fashion and sustainable living, Kate is the founder of (launched ’09) and author of ‘Magnifeco: Your Head-to-Toe Guide to Ethical Fashion and Non-Toxic Beauty’ (published '15), and the producer and host of Magnifeco Radio, a weekly podcast on iTunes. Kate is also a part-time professor of ethical fashion at NYC's Fashion Institute of Technology.

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